A perfect holiday offer

Relax in Nature and feel the charm of Dalmatia



OmisOmis is an ideal place to plan an active holidays or recreational weekend. Regardless of your sporting preferences, whether it be diving, wind-surfing, rafting or kayaking (on still-water or rapids), hiking, rock-climbing, hang- or paragliding, cycling or boating, this former refuge of pirates and buccaneers offers all of this on a background of exquisite natural beauty.


Omis - Click for larger imageAccording to seasoned European rock climbers, Omiš may soon become the principle meeting place not only for Croatian, but European rock climbers in general: "the Croatian Chamoneix". Omis now has a total of 46 equipped recreational courses, placing it among the top Croatian climbing sites.

Cynoning, rafting, kayaking

Rafting - Click for larger imageExperience a real adventure in the canyon of the Cetina river, which is due to its wilderness, its rearing and timelessness called the river Horse, and enjoy the hidden beauty of its canyon, which can be till 120 m deep. Besides canyonign, a raft or kayak ride down the Cetina River from Cikotina Lada to Blato (10 km) are also very popular.


Diving - Click for larger imageIf you have the courage to engage in an exploration of the mysteries of the deep, the Omis Diving Clubs offer courses for intrepid beginner divers. Depending on the level of diving experience, they even offer night-time dives. Divers can go to depths of fifteen meters in the Cetina canyon.


Paragliding - Click for larger imageParagliders and hang-gliders have also found their place in Omis, where some sort of wind is always blowing. The starting point is a grassy slope at an elevation of 380 meters on the Omiš fork of the Dinaric mountains, a ten minute walk from the village of Cecuci. The most frequent and safest landing site is the town beach. Paragliders often stay aloft for two to three hours.



Omis cultural summer is a manifestation that takes place every year.

Festival klapa - Click for larger imageThere is no doubt that Festival of Dalmatian "klapas" (Festival dalmatinskih klapa) is highlight of Omis summer cultural event and I already wrote about traditional Festival of Dalmatian "klapas" in Omis. That Festival took place every summer in July, for almost 50 years.

But, also you can attend whole summer in Omis to some kind of concerts and recitals, exhibitions, literary and music happenings on three squres in old part of the town and also in Churches and on numerous beaches nearby the centre of the town, also sometimes recitals took places on one of two Fortresses in Omis, on Fortress Mirabella.

Whole town lives for summer.

Omis also have Open Air Cinema, located in the city centre and you just have to experience how it is to watch movie under open sky, it is marvelous and unforgettable experience, also very much romantic.



Soparnik - Click for larger imageDalmatia and Croatia richness are not only crystal blue sea and coast with a thousand of islands, long sandy beaches and bays. Our traditional meals, fish, sweets and wines are well known among true gourmands. Originality and simplicity of Dalmatian meals are in close relation with traditional and health surrounding of Dalmatian countryside.

In Omis you can find a lot of restaurants.

Besides tasting local specialities, One can have oenoligical and gastrological trips and that kind of trip take place in the close hinterland of Omis on the territory of the ancient Principality of Poljica, that trips are characterized by the atmosphere of relaxation, dishes you will never have the chance to taste elsewhere, genuine folk music, old recipes, home-made aperitifs and excellent home-made wine.


Fun & Pleasure

On the beach - Click for larger imageAttractive tourist objects on the beach, cafe bars, fisherman's nights, and all with live music and Dalmatian folk songs, is only part of the fun things by which you can make your holiday better.

You will remember Omis by kindness and hospitality of their residents - your hosts. On this region there are many tourists domestic's, which give welcome to every visitors during the whole year.

Omis - Click for larger imageIn one word, on appropriate way you will experience the nature and meet people who live with it, you will know their traditionalism, food, spirituality and kindness.

While resting you will easy forget on everyday worries and stress, and the young peoples (and the older too) pleasantly and easily be able to fill the whole day with curiosity. But, that is not all.

So, come and meet Croatia!

You will be pleasantly surprised.