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OmisOn the river mouth of Cetina lie the remains of the fort thought to be called "Oneum". Oneum disappeared in the 7th century during the Great migrations, but the natural route from the continent to the sea was to important to be deserted for long.

Neretvan corsairs inhabit the area of Omis and make it their stronghold for their raids on Byzantium, Venetian and Croatian shipping on the Adriatic. Their threat became so large and insufferable that plans for a crusade against Omis were made, but never acted upon.

OmisIn 1498. the Turks launch their first raid on Omis, which fails, but in 1537. they manage to conquer it. Until 1684. when the Turks retreated, in Omis or its vicinity there was continuous fighting, with Turks on one side and Venetia, Hungarians, Croatians and other Christian nations on another. It fell under the rule of Venice until 1797. when Venetian Republic collapses. After that came the Austrians then Napoleon's French and then Austrians again till the end of 1918.

Omis today

Omiske klapeToday two forts over the city remain Mirabela (at the altitude of 245m) built in 13th century and Starigrad. Pjaca is the main city square which lies between the east and west city gates, and it used to be the main setting for all major city events until the avenue Fosal was reconstructed.

Nowdays it is the tourist center of a 35 km long riviera of outstanding beauty.

Omiske klapeNumerous monuments from its past are the witnesses of its history, long and glorious; besides these one can find nowdays an interesting and colourful market place, a large number of small restaurants, coffe shops, bistros, various shops including duty free ones and fashionable boutiques. All these will make your stay pleasant and fulfilled.

Very good communications with the nearby Split and beautiful natural beaches of this part of the riviera have enabled the development of tourist trade whose traces are to be seen even before the World War II. A number of small fishermen's villages along the riviera have had a long tourist tradition and culture.

Omiske klapeThe Cetina river and its magnificent canyon are cut into the picturesque mountainous massif in the very background of the town. On its way to the sea the river has created numerous long sandy beaches which are charecteristic of this part of the coast and make it one of the most beautiful, unusual and incomparable.

Why the Omis riviera this time? Because there are still places which are so close and yet so far from the aggressive rythm of modern life and tourist industry. Isolated coves where you can always find "your own" beach, or auto camp at the very seaside, are waiting for you.

Omiske klapeWhy the Omis riviera another time? Small fishermen's villages preserved in their originality but at the same time offering full comfort in the newly built premises and private pensions, villas or apartments, make an extraordinary alternative. If you have just made up your mind, be sure that the deprived cold splendor of commercial hotels will be well made up for by the warmth welcome of your host and his wish to make you happy.

Omis is known for all kinds of cultural events during the summer, the most famous of which is the Festival of traditional vocal music.